Corsair Gaming Engages in a Huge Insider Trade

Corsair Gaming (CRSR) is a gaming and esports company based in the United States. The Company designs manufacture and markets high-performance PC gaming peripherals, accessories and components, as well as cloud-based software solutions for competitive eSport tournaments. The Company’s products include keyboards, mice, headsets and mouse pads; mechanical keyboards; mechanical gaming keyboards; mechanical switches keyboards; computer cases; computer tower chassis ( towers); display devices such as monitors & projectors; optical drives enclosure & mini ITX systems enclosures.”

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Our penny stocks list is a great way to filter through a lot of penny stock companies quickly and easily.

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We are a leading provider of stock alerts and trading education. Our services include real-time stock alerts, technical analysis, earnings reports and more. Mr. Paul has been the Chief Executive Officer of Corsair Gaming since 2019 and a Director of Corsair Gaming since 2019. He was previously the Chief Financial Officer for Acer Group from 2013 to 2018, where he had responsibility for finance, accounting, treasury and tax functions across all business units in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. Prior to this role, Mr. Paul spent 13 years at Intel Corporation in various financial leadership roles including Vice President of Finance and Corporate Controller for Intel’s $9 billion Semiconductor Business Unit (SBU) and Senior Director of Strategic Planning & Analysis for Intel’s Worldwide Sales & Marketing organization.

Andy Paul is an active investor and has made a number of investments in the technology sector. He is also a leader who believes in giving back to his community through his volunteer work with organizations like Young Life, the San Diego Junior Chamber of Commerce and the California Retired Teachers Association.

Corsair Gaming(CRSR) saw an insider accept shares, on March 17th, 2020.

Andy Paul is the CEO of Corsair Gaming(CRSR). He has been with the company since its inception in 2014 and currently serves as its Chairman as well. He has served on numerous boards for other companies including Apple Inc., Qualcomm Incorporated and Tesla Motors Inc.

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The shares were purchased by Chief Executive Officer and Director, Mr. Andy Paul.

The shares were purchased by Chief Executive Officer and Director, Mr. Andy Paul. Mr. Paul has been the Chief Executive Officer of Corsair Gaming since 2019 and a Director of Corsair Gaming since 2019.

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By looking at insider transactions you can determine whether or not any individuals with inside knowledge have bought or sold stock recently

Insiders generally have access to non-public information about the company that they use to trade their stock.

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Andy Paul has been with Corsair Gaming since it was founded in 2014. He is the Chairman of the Board and CEO of the company. In addition, he serves on several boards including Apple Inc., Qualcomm Incorporated and Tesla Motors Inc. Mr. Paul has also served as an advisor to numerous companies including Microsoft Corporation and, Inc.

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My biggest takeaway from this data is that even the most conservative estimates at this point show a massive insider trade in Corsair Gaming. We’re talking hundreds of thousands of shares traded by insiders, and we have no way to know if this was just a lucky coincidence or if there’s some other explanation. But these trades show up in our database as having taken place over the last couple of weeks – which means they likely happened within the past month but not necessarily right after the announcement on April 23rd, 2018.

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